Další vyjímečná akce, pro Trancesated crew doslova nezapomenutelná – Špilas Music Picnic v prostorách letní scény hradu Špilberk. Akce se konala první sobotu v srpnu 2015. Vyjímečná byla v mnoha ohledech nejenom, že jsme pozvali do Brna poprvé významného zahraničního headlinera, ale zároveň poprvé jsme pořádali trance&progressive na nezvyklém místě a poprvé open-air. Do teď si pamatujeme jak jsme stáli na vlakovém nádraží v Brně a drželi bílý papír s nápisem Dark Lord a jak to Torstena z dua Wellenrausch potěšilo.

Za rozhovorem s duem Wellenrausch stojí Vyrys a českou verzi tohoto rozhovoru můžete najít na portále www.rave.cz

We are honored to bring you an interview with Wellenrausch the mighty rulers of Spilas Music Picnic, that will take part on Letni scena of Castle Spilberk on 1/8/2015 – fb event is available here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1391906527802123/

Trancesated: Hi Torsten and Markus,  I’m glad that you made time for interview. How are you? What are your plans for vacation?

Torsten: Iam fine, thank you! At the moment its no easy to find place for vacation days, as there is a lot studio work right now. Working on some serious projects which i can’t talk right now about.

Markus: I’m fine too, thanks! Vacation plans are delayed until next year because i’m moving to a new appartment this year and this will take a lot of  time (and money..haha).

Trancesated: It’s been already two years, when we saw each other in Brno on E-Motion party. What are your memories on Fleda?

Torsten: Wow, time flies thats true. Fleda was an amazing experience for us, such an amazing crowd we had and a rocking PA, the sound was amazing there! Its always a pleasure for us to come to Czech Republic. We love the city life and people.

Markus: The Fleda really blew our minds. An amazing night, amazing people in an amazing location! We have always been hoping to be invited back! It was really great to share the stage with Stepan and Michal! Can’t wait to meet up again and share some time with the lovely people of Brno! We really enjoyed our stay!

Trancesated: What did you do since then? Except  that you released amazing album last year.

Torsten: We are working on Remixes and of course the next single (out of Pages Of Time). Besides this jam really busy with a special project thats going more interesst by producers, but… my lips are sealed for now! 🙂 Expect something big!

Markus: As Torsten said we did a lot of remixes. Besides that I constantly collected ideas, musical and lyrical fragments you know. It’s kind of a permanent task. It’s always a cool moment when I finally see these ideas becoming part of a Wellenrausch track.

Trancesated: How you are satisfied with the success of your second album The Pages of Times? As far as I remember this album was number 1 on beatport for long time.

Torsten: We feel blessed, honestly! We didn’t released a full trance album., lot of the tracks are kinda experimental, as we wanted to show that we are not limited to a specific sound. And our fans seems to love this. There is enough of „sounding same“ tracks out there, do you agree?

Markus: It was great to see it on the number one spot! This album is somehow different to our first album “Personal Epos”. It shows another side of the Wellenrausch sound but it’s still 100% Wellenrausch.. We think that the album has kind of a staying power. As an artist you always search ways to promote your work. So we’re always looking forward to bring a new album on stage and promote it that way too! It’s the only way to get in direct contact with the audience. It’s face to face. It’s thrilling, it’s chillin’, for us and hopefully for our fans,  and that’s what we’re looking for.

Trancesated: What song on the album is for you the most personal? I really love Hypnotize for example.

Torsten: For me its the title song, „Pages Of Time“, we choose the Album Title after finishing this song, on a reason. Somehow its magical to me. Tbh, all tracks have something personal from us! We love what we do, and we hope you can hear this.

Markus: I think with this album we’re again using the big Wellenrausch space. From the deepest deeps of “Hypnotize” up to the highest highs of “The pages Of Time”. All tracks  have something magical to me too. As Torsten puts it: all tracks mean something personal, and I can’t really tell which one is most personal to me. Lyrically speaking it would probably be “Rivers Deep”, one of my “hidden favorites”..as I used to call it.

Trancesated: What are your plans in near future? Are you thinking about any other cooperation with Markus Schulz or Basil O’Glue?

Wellenrausch: We just finished a collab with Solidstone, it will be a great darkish track. What else on cooperaton we willl see. At this moment we focus more on our sound.

Trancesated: Torsten, as Wellenrausch you released also lot of remixes. But as I found you released also some remixes under you name Torsten Fassbender, why?

Torsten: Good Question, i just felt the soond wasn’t fully Wellenrausch., Wellenrausch is mainly with the voice of Markus. An to be honest, these tracks are old! 🙂

Trancesated: Have you ever came to the point, where you said yourself that it would be good to produce something more commercial to become more famous ? Or that someone advised you or even pushed you to do so?

Torsten: Never! What exactly is commercial? there is good popular music all around us, music that still has emotion and sounds „real“. For most ppl „commercial“ means money and success with the bad additude that the tracks sound like „cheese“. Markus and me are old butts, we dont want to change anything in our style.

Markus: haha…yes we definitely are “old-fashioned”! We are musicians and producers in the first. We don’t deal with questions like: What music do we have to produce to make more  money or become more famous? That’s definitely not our thing! We always want to be true to ourselves and do the music that comes from deep inside, always hoping that we can take our fans on this journey..

Trancesated: What do you think about the current EDM sound that is being called progressive as well, instead of the style which you are producing and playing?

Torsten: For the radioshow with Chris Halen, we pick tracks that are not blinded to a specific genre, it must touch us. We don’t care if its progressive, EDM or whatever. To think in styles or genres is wrong in my opinion.

Markus: I think there’s a difference if a group of people calls something progressive or if you personally feel that a sound or a track is progressive. But you really don’t have to discuss this topic to a large extent simply because it’s not that important and I also don’t want to think in styles or genres or kind of put everything into small boxes..

Trancesated: Your live performance will be this time open-air. Are you looking forward to be back in Brno and play on the Spilberk castle, one of the dominant of Brno?

Wellenrausch: We are soooooo exited!! Not only to play the gig, we are happy to see you guys again and have some nice time! We just saw some picture of the Castle, so yes.. lets do this!

Trancesated: Do you have any message for people that will join event Spilas music picnic on 1st of August 2015 on Spilberk?

Wellenrausch: Everyone is kindly invited to this event, we are happy to see all of you and maybe there are some people doing a sing-along with us? 🙂 Sending Hugs from Berlin! \oo/


Fotoreport z akce Špilberk music picnic je k dispozici v Galerii.