Žánrově se jeho skladby pohybují někde mezi čistým progressivem a melodickým trancem. Vlastní jméno má indické, příjmení italské a do Brna přiletí z Londýna, jak je to možné? Nejen tohle se dočtete v rozhovoru s producentem a DJem, který si říká Horizons a v poslední lednový pátek přiveze do brněnského klubu Perpetuum pořádnou porci progressive&trance.

Tak takhle přesně začíná náš rozhovor s Horizons, česká verze je dostupná na facebooku, ale pokud máte radši rozhovor v původním znění, stačí zascrollovat a máte to!

Rozhovor s Horizons

Veronika: Your last trance track was released in 2014, is that a message to your fans that you are now more focusing on progressive than trance?

Horizons: First of all, thank you very much for having me at Trancesated party! It is such a big pleasure for me! Well, I have started being some sort of uplifting Trance producer but didn’t feel like that was truly representing myself, despite my clubbing background clearly proves that. I felt like too much constrained to a fixed structure, which wasn’t giving me enough room to be creative as I wanted. Progressive, instead, literally opened the gate of a new world to me, in which I felt 100% myself, above all as a DJ. No boundaries:  that’s what I love about Progressive. When I DJ I love to play as much Dark sounds as possible, while I tend to produce bit more bright-sounding like tunes.

As you’re owner of Landscapes Music label, that’s running under Proton music, do you remember the moment when you decided to have your own music label?

Landscapes Music was born after having spent so many months in thinking whether that could have been the right thing to do. I felt like wanting to introduce something in the scene that possibly can mirror the golden age of Trance music with a modern touch. I actually have quite a lot of big projects in mind that I still have to launch with my Label, but the core of Landscapes Music is to both deliver pure progressive stuff and to give the right exposure to the Artists involved: hence why I am proud of how we are doing until now, with an exclusive tailor-made Artist interview for each of our release in order to give them the chance to briefly introduce themselves to the whole scene. I hope, by the end of the year 2017, to be able to introduce another new exclusive and unique feature of my Label, that will raise the bar level even higher, involving quite a few aspects of the Art, from Music and Writing to Drawing and Painting.

How difficult is to run nowadays your own music label? What is the most complicated part of it?

I think passion is the only thing that literally makes you cope with everything: there are a lot of things to pay attention to, which are not only related to the money you invest. There’s something bigger than that which you need to face on a day to day routine: your music philosophy. How much do you believe in yourself and how willing are you to spread your credo with such a little but incredibly passionate world like the Progressive, by also accepting to sacrifice your social life from time to time. The most complicated part of all of this is to talk to people through your music view: we are so tied to the Social Networks these days that we often lose the real meaning of making and spreading around Music. Music is supposed to be done by the people to the people. Therefore, being genuine in this world is not a plus rather the starting point.

As Horizons, you released in 2013 Brazil EP, three years later Tajikistan EP, do you have any specific rule, how to choose the name the EP?

Music has given me so much, feeling like living a new life from scratch. I wanted to find a way to combine all my passions into music: geography, foreign languages and of course Music. Hence why the idea of setting up this whole project that possibly connects the Production side, the DJ side and (later on) the Label side. Horizons, therefore, was born to combine the beauty of the Progressive with the beauty of the planet where we all live. I am fond of watching TV documentaries, videos and live broadcast from so many hidden places which regularly inspire me to write a specific track. As I was born in India, I felt like India EP (released at Mistique Music) was the best homage to my roots and, from that moment, I’ve started “travelling” with my music towards Brazil, Argentina, Scandinavia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Philippines, Middle East to name a few and my latest new music journey (available for free download from my Soundcloud) landed in Romania.

When I read your BIO on internet, I found out that you were born in India and now you’re living in Europe. Do you think that you roots may somehow influenced your style of music that you play? Are you observing trance & progressive scene in India?

That’s true! I was born in a small village on the very far north-east side of India but then I was adopted by an Italian family. Therefore I am Italian, who lived almost his entire life in a small town close to the mid-Adriatic Sea coastline called Osimo.  I live in London for quite a few years now and found this to be the perfect place where to grow up musically wise. As previously said my passion for foreign cultures led me to discover many things about India too: I cannot though really say whether my music selection has been somehow influenced by my Indian roots but I definitely can say I love pursuing the open mind music concept, which I always try to apply on every single Radio-show episode. I am following the Trance and Progressive scene in full, but I have to say that up to now I believe Argentina is the craziest and most enchanting place when it comes to Progressive vibes, followed by the East Europe.

What are you currently working on? What are your plans for 2017?

I tend to focus myself a lot on a specific target and work very hard to achieve it. We all dream of being “Someone” on this planet, but I honestly prefer to see myself happy first of all: and, trust me, I do love so much my life because of my positive attitude and respect I have towards it. In the Year 2017, I definitely want to give the right exposure to my own Label along with improving every day more my production technique; hopefully I wish to start getting regular gigs too because I really would love to see the smile of the people from the DJ booth side while drawing music stories.

Who is/was your music idol? If you can choose, whom you would like to meet on the stage?

Even though I have been growing up with different music styles, I guess all my close friends know very well what the answer to that question could be: Bonzai Records. I have been fascinated by the music released by the well-known Belgium label for over 20 years. I felt like my Trance journey started when I first heard their music. I have such devotion and respect for them that I firmly think they are the best example of pure Trance music that we can show to the next generations of clubbers and Airwave, who is a good friend of mine, would be the best person to represent such concept. On stage though I would love to see my parents one day, to show them what my hard work and sacrifices have led me to. I owe them a lot in my life and believe that could be the best pay-out ever.

What was the last progressive track that you hear?

Out of the hundreds I keep listening every day? Lol … I guess the scene is currently huge enough to not be stuck to one or two producers or tracks only. Currently my PC music player says that I was listening to Dmitry Molosh’s Remix of Zed by Dar & Dor, while my phone’s music player is currently showing instead an amazing Trance classic tune:  Albion – Air. I though love listening to Liquid Drum n Bass too, which I find so incredibly inspiring. I must admit, every now and then I feel the need to re-listen to old Trance and Progressive stuff from Platipus, Bonzai, Hooj Choons and Global Underground labels too.

Do you have something special prepared for the Brno crowd?

Oh yes! Well it’s definitely my Czech debut so I cannot explain how excited I am to travel there, have a chat with as many people as possible, proudly showing my Czech language knowledge to you guys lol… and hopefully making them smile during my Set.
Seriously, I can only promise it will be a huge, deep and dark journey through the Progressive in its purest underground form. If you have followed my Radio-show New Horizons, you know how I love crossing between different styles, as long as they all have that Progressive vibe and Trance impact. In addition to that, there will be a couple of gifts available to two lucky attendants! If you want to have your chance to get them, well….there is only one place to be on 27th January!  


Horizons (IT) at TranceSated #7 Warm-up, Perpetuum