V sobotu 11. června vystoupí v brněnském klubu Perpetuum další zajímavé jméno polské taneční scény – Andromedha. Společně se Styller/SK přijdou popřát Trancesated crew k jejich druhým narozeninam.  Takže se máte na co těšit a co na sebe prozradil Andromedha se dočtete v originálním rozhovoru níže. Česká verze rozhovoru je k dispozici na rave.cz

Trancesated crew: Your first track „Illes Balears“ was released in 2012, when you’re looking back, what do you think about it now?

Andromedha: It’s been some time when I finished this one…probably not my best work, but naturally it will always be a very very special and meaningful for me since it was my first completed original and moreover it was a gateway to the world of music production. Shows me where I set my journey off and how it all changed since its release…you know, it will always put a smile on my face and will always remain something thanks to which I started to believe in myself, it started a whole new stage of my life which I am really thankful for…special shoutout to my very good friend Filippo Turchi, who decided to give me a chance back in the days and showed me how I can improve my skills, probably if it wasn’t him, I’d have given up and I wouldn’t have been answering this question now 😉

Trancesated crew: You produce your first track in 2012, how did the progressive scene in Poland look like at that time and how it looks now?

Andromedha: Tough question as I wasn’t that much into the local scene back then, frankly speaking I only knew Skytech and Sonic Division, but those guys were more into progressive trance rather than progressive house and I wasn’t really aware of any parties with such music in Poland. With the time passing by I started to make contacts…and I was really surprised to see so many guys from my country producing music. That networking thing really exploded when I joined Darkpload Music as co-owner and A&R in June 2012, me and Darkployers started to search for people passionate about the same sound which wanted to build something new and possibly with worldwide range. Of course some of those guys I met then don’t produce music anymore, some do, that’s a normal thing. Today I think more and more people are trying to enter this fascinating world and personally I think the quality of their works is getting better and better, however the competition is getting bigger at the same time, and it’s harder to get the proper exposure, but for sure we have some talented guys in the scene now who are digging these deeper and groovy vibes rather than uplifting and peak time tunes and that’s what actually makes me happy, the variety and progression.

Trancesated crew: Who is your favourite Dj(s)? And who inspired you to do the progressive music?

Andromedha: Let me answer the second part of the question first 😉 so obviously that was Markus Schulz and his famous Global DJ Broadcast radioshow, but a bit later on it was Rex Mundi who inspired me a lot and the German duo Wellenrausch who I had a pleasure to meet at a party twice so far. Speaking of the first part, I could mention dozens of names, I loved old A State Of Trance episodes with Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz and Blank & Jones were in my top as well. Right now I really enjoy sets of Guy J, Max Graham, Above & Beyond (especially milestone ABGT episodes), John 00 Fleming, John Digweed, Guy Mantzur and Eric Prydz and probably I could mention some other names which I forgot now. We are fortunate to live in the internet era when access to music and DJ sets are so easy that each day there is something awesome to be found.

Trancesated crew: A lot of your tracks are connected with the nature theme (Sunset over the Ocean, From Sunrise to Sunset, Snowflakes on my Sleeve, When It’s cold) why is it that?

Andromedha: Nature is a universal source of inspiration not only for artists, but also for engineers and designers and I totally take the best out of it as we live in a beautiful world, but at the same time we very often don’t want to see that and we lose the happiness coming from little and, one could think, unimportant things like those I tried to catch with the titles of my tracks. We are living so fast nowadays chasing for everything while sometimes we should just stop for a moment and apreciate what we have and that we are allowed to live on such a nice place as Planet Earth. I’d love to travel the world just to see it. When I feel really bad and lost, such an intimate moment spent on watching a simple red clouds and the setting sun do miracles because I realize all those things I mentioned and I not only getting inspired but also strongly motivated. That’s something which I want people to keep in mind when listening to my music.

Trancesated crew: We noticed that you’re pretty active on social networks, for example on your Twitter account you have over 14 thousand tweets and we don’t mentioned your Facebook profile. How important are social networks nowadays?

Andromedha:  Oh yes, it’s all about social media nowadays and yes, sometimes I am too much active, especially on Twitter, which holds the spot no. 1 for me when it comes to social media and most of the time you can find my random stuff and thoughts which aren’t published anywhere else, that’s kind of my crazy diary ;). But let’s not forget that this is only a tool rather than a way to the top, music should always be a foundation and I feel some of the younger producers think differently, while they should focus on developing their skills. At some point of your career you just need to start to be active, but like I’ve said before, that should be after releasing some amount of tunes and getting some support to simply build an audience. Great part about it is that people who listen to the music and people who create it are so close to each others now, social media virtually make the gap between fan an a musician dissapear and you can feel like you are talking to a friend rather than your idol. For me it’s a way to communicate with family, friends and listeners as I love to know their thoughts on what I release and know something more about them and having said that I also want to build something more than just a fan-artist relationship because I think it’s something really important nowadays.

Trancesated crew: You’re playing on Trancesated’s event this June 2016 in Perpetuum club, is this your first gig in Czech Republic?

Andromedha: I’ve been to Czech Republic once so far and it was Prague, but I wasn’t even producing anything at the time of the visit so yes, this is my debut there and I hope Brno will be as much fun as Prague was 😉

Trancesated crew: What do you thing about your gig in Brno? Are you planning something special for Brno?

Andromedha: Least to say I’m looking forward to it, I even decided to make a special track which will be hopefully premiered that night and I hope you guys will enjoy it. This time I’ll try to go a bit darker and twisted than usual so you can expect that I’ll take you on a journey through progressive house, techno and progressive trance, so you will be able to experience live something which I present to the listeners of my show „Progressions Radio“ each month on DI.FM. Fine blend of melodies, groove and energy with the tension being built up throughout the whole set.

Trancesated crew: What are your plans for this year regards producing and playing?

Andromedha: Haha tell you what, I got plenty of projects to be finished and I’m planning to have even more as I’m constantly inspired to do something new but certainly I’d like to focus more on originals this year and build two profiles of my sound: one for those early moments of the DJ sets, so with a strong focus on groove and textures and the second for those hands in the air, euphoric night highlights with remarkable melodies and serious dose of positive energy. These are the styles which are closest to my heart and like I’ve said I do love variety in music. Gig-wise I can tell you that on June 24th I’m playing at Luminosity Beach Festival in Bloemendaal for the second year in a row and I am about to confirm another gig in Poland, which will take place in the middle of September. Some other promoters from Eastern Europe got in touch with me earlier this year as well but it still has to be all confirmed.

I’d like to thank the Trancesated crew for inviting me to celebrate their 2nd birthday party with me and can’t wait to see you on the dancefloor, take care!!! 🙂