Druhou únorovou sobotu navštíví moravskou metropoli rakouské duo Kolliders, které zahraje na akci Trancesated – Trance stage 200 anniversary v klubu Perpetuum. Přečtěte si rozhovor s Chrisem a Benem a dozvíte se více, třeba o tom jak vidí trance scénu v Rakousku nebo co chystají na rok 2016.

Rozhovor je v anglickém jazyce, český překlad bude již brzy k dispozici na rave.cz


Trancesated: I read on internet that you and Ben are cooperating aka Kolliders more than 10 years, do you remember your first gig? Where was it? And what were you feelings?
Chris: As Kolliders we started working together closely two years ago. Ben and I have been to school together and we started making music back then, but without a performances or any sort of professional artist management.

Trancesated: For the past 10 year you have had to perform lot of gigs, what was the best gig that you have ever played on?
Chris: In my early 20s I worked as a LJ and “part-time” DJ at a big club in Vienna (Fun Factory). So I had the chance to work next to DJs like Kai Tracid, Pulsdriver, Scooter & ATB.

Trancesated: As you are from Austria, could you please describe us little bit how does trance scene in Austria look like? Are you following the trance scene in Czech Republic/Slovakia?
Chris: Someone cloud think that the scene in Austria is rather small or not existing, but I know as a matter of fact that this is not the case. There are plenty of people that love trance and listen to it every day. But as a matter of fact, clubs and events playing trance are getting less and less. Most people I know that are real trance fans, are my age or older, so 30+. In Austria this is the typical age when you start a family and stop partying. Younger people prefer to listen to EDM & progressive house, which I think is really sad, as these genres can’t hold up with the musical richness of trance (which I love sooo much). All the new genres are more about simple elements that are easy to remember and big loud drops to just jump to. This can be also good, but in my opinion there is something important missing.
Ben: I don’t think that trance is dying; it is certainly changing – in Austria and everywhere else. Even though interest in Europe, where Trance has been known since the 90s is stagnating, Trance is becoming a global phenomenon and is still growing everywhere else. Trance Events in Latin America and Asia are now among the biggest in the world and we the fact that we have fans from around the world and sell our tracks in places like Mexico to Indonesia makes us very proud.

Trancesated: With trancesated crew we are planning a trip to Vienna, can you recommend any of club there, where we can find trance music?
Chris: For trance music you should look out for special events. If I had to recommend a single club in Vienna, it would be Prater-Dome.

Trancesated: Your gig in February in Perpetuum is coming soon, is this your first performance in Czech Republic? Could you tell us some in more details what you plan play in Perpetuum?
Chris: we are currently working on the playlist, so we can give you some insight. I know that trance fans in the Czech Republic love the so called “traditional trance style”, so be assured, no track will be below 134 bpm. The set will be powerful, will contain some vocal tracks and Anthems… and I love to sometime through in some tracks from the good old times, which some of the younger guest probably can’t remember. To give you some names, there will be tracks by UCast, ReOrder, Photographer, Cold Rush, Darren Porter, Michael Kaelios, Roman Messer, and many many more.
Ben: I think we will provide a wonderful mix of energetic trance music – as musicians we live to serve the people on the dancefloor. I think if after our set everyone is sweating and happy we have done our job.

… All the new genres are more about simple elements that are easy to remember and big loud drops to just jump to …

Trancesated: I checked your section Entrancing music selection, where you give honor to some of the famous city around the world like Roma, Singapore or London. Can we as your Czech fans look forward for some set about Brno?
Chris: Our track-name selection has one condition. We have to have been there. So after we’ve been to Brno, chances just increased.
Ben: Our track names are impulsive, spontaneous decisions. The first place that reminds us of the tracks vibe will get the name. I have been to Brno several times and I love it – so if the people on the dancefloor share some of the city’s energy that would certainly be an inspiration.
Trancesated: What are your plans for 2016? Where we can we hear you live next time?
Chris: 2016 will be important for us. We want to reach some good labels with our music and also expand the range of our production spectrum. We just finished our first vocal track, which is a remix for a well know trance duo. We kind of like working with vocals, so there will be more coming to this side of road in 2016. Also we would love to get some airtime at festivals and or in clubs, so let’s see what we can achieve.
Ben: We will work hard to make 2016 a good year for us – and combined with a bit of luck everything is possible.

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