Better be late than never! Easy to say hard to meet. Long story make short, as you probably know in autumn 2018 we invited Robert Nickson to Brno and introduced him to Czech crowd in Exit Club. But before Robert arrived to Brno, we are able to make some interview – see his answer below.

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Interview with Robert Nickson

Trancesated: Hello Robert, how are you? As the summer period is almost over, could you briefly described how was Your summer this year?

Robert Nickson: Hello Trancesated! I’m doing well thanks! My summer has been very busy and very good. I’ve been touring all over the world and played some fantastic events, while working on as much music as possible in between.

TS: It’s almost 15 years since you released your debut track Out There (5th Dimension) as  collaboration with Dave Masters and Justine Suissa. Do you still remember on that time? Could you share with us the details, how this track was made?
RN: It started when Dave sent me a track late 2002 which had part of the melody, but it had some weird chord changes to it. I basically remixed it and fixed the what I considered to be the weird chords. We then sent it to some labels with no expectations. A few weeks later I got a call from 3 record labels who all wanted the track. They all had something different to offer and it was honestly hard to choose. In the end we went with the still non existent Armada Music. They offered to record vocals by Justine Suissa, as she was over to record vocals for Burned With Desire at the time. The rest is history!
TS: A lot of your tracks name are related with the space theme. Can we say, that your inspiration and first idea for building up/making the tracks are coming somewhere from that area or you are able to find inspiration everywhere?
RN: I wouldn’t say the tracks themselves are inspired by a space theme, at least not most, but the titles are very much so. I like reading and watching documentaries about space and science, there is something very profound about it. Occasionally I will read or hear something and think ‚that’s a track title‘. I’m sure astrophysicist Brian Cox used ‚somewhere in spacetime‘ as title episode for one of his shows, and my dad, who is a retired physicist came up with ‚Tachyon‘. It’s a bit cliche at times, but Iike it 🙂
TS: When we are talking about the inspiration, could you please pick up for us one DJ name or producent name, who influenced you in beginning of your DJ career? 
RN: Ferry Corsten probably more than anyone. Also Above & Beyond’s early stuff.
TS: Did you have ever dreamed to be famous DJ, that is travelling all round the world?
RN: No, never. It’s honestly still surreal.
TS: If you could pick up only one track from your production, that means something special for you, what track it will be? Our personal tip is the Spiral.
RN: Everyone always says Spiral! I get quite bored playing it now to be honest, though everyone always asks me to play it. I’ve been playing the original version more lately instead of the 2015 version. It’s so hard to pick a favourite. My remix of Tony Anderson ‚Eyes Wide Open‘ is definitely up there. I love the 2015 version of ‚Out There‘ and ‚Heliopause‘ is still pretty much in all my sets.
TS: Which trance track you heard recently and you liked it?
RN: I am so bad with checking new tracks these days. I really like Driftmoon and Eco’s latest track ‚They’ll Never Find Us‘.
TS: What are you plans for the future? We found info that you’re currently working on new album. Do you plan have it under progressive alias RNX?
RN: I am working my first solo artist album! It’s almost finished, though I have been saying that forever. It’s so hard to get that last 5% done. There will be a few RNX style tracks on the album, I’m not sure yet how we’ll release these yet (RNX or just RN).
TS: Do you plan any future cooperation with somebody? We remember that your cooperation with Thomas Datt worked well!
RN: Thomas and I tried to do many follow ups over the years, but it never quite worked out. I speak to people all the time about doing collabs, usually people I meet at events. The enthusiasm of the moment takes over. There are a few exciting possibilities, but I don’t want to reveal any names just yet.
TS: Could you please share with us the details about the live project Astrosphere with Driftmoon?
RN: I spoke to Juraj at a festival about a year ago. I had just done my first solo LIVE show and I believe he was preparing for his first one. We were talking about all the technical aspects on how to do things, what parts to play live, etc. At some point one of us said we should do this together one day! We talked about doing some collaborations as well. Sometime around January this year we picked this up again and we got our first booking at Luminosity Beach Festival. At the time we did not have a single track ready, we had not released anything yet or done any shows yet we were booked to play one of the biggest trance events in the world. Over the next few months we worked on ideas. In June we met up twice and powered through completing about 6-7 tracks in 3 days. Our live set is truly live, with keyboards, a guitar, bass guitar, a drum machine and a hardware synth, though this might change in the future. We’ve just released our first single as Astrosphere on Coldharbour Recordings and are in the process of signing our next one.

TS: Do you still have time to visit some gigs or parties, where you’re not playing? What is the last event that you join as visitor?
RN: I do occasionally visit some events in the area. I live in Haarlem, so Amsterdam is only 20 minutes away, as are all the beach events in Bloemendaal (such as Luminosity). I love going to indie or electronica bands, though I haven’t been in a while. I think the last event I went to was Tycho (check them out!). I also cannot wait to see The Midnight early next year!
TS: Already few time you presented yourself in live act set, is this format something that you prefer nowadays or it something special for selected parties?
RN: I do this a few times a year. It takes a lot of work to prepare for it and it’s not possible to do everywhere. It requires a lot of room in the dj booth which is hardly ever available. It means travelling with a lot of gear too which isn’t convenient. Honestly I’m not sure people always realise what I’m actually doing either. But I do love the live shows, they are so much more real than a dj set. I’m OK these days but I would get quite nervous before as there’s so much that can go wrong. Afterwards I feel like I’m on top the the world though.
TS: You played on Pure Trance event in Sydney, do you still remember how did you feel on stage before Solarstone set there? We checked the recorded session from this event and had to say that we really enjoyed the way from slow RNX sound in the beginning of your set to the energy uplift sound afterwoods.
RN: Thanks! That was a really good night! Gai always does a great job opening and I just try to build up from there. My RNX tracks are somewhat of a cross over between Gai’s ‚true‘ progressive and uplifting trance so it works quite well. I’ve played before Rich a few times now, I think our sounds are pretty compatible so it’s always a smooth transition.
TS: Your performance on November 19th in Brno will be your debut in Czech republic, did you have opportunity to visit this country already? What about the Czech trance/progressive scene, are you familiar with it?
RN: I’ve been to Prague probably about 10 years ago. I love the city though it was very cold in December. I’m not that familiar with the scene, other than knowing of Trancemission and Driftmoon and Reorder (even if they are both Slovak).
TS: Last question, is there something that you would like to share with your fans or what they can expect from your performed on Trancesated event in Exit club in Brno?
RN: A huge thanks for having me, looking forward to the event. You can expect the best uplifting and melodic trance and some new ones from the album! See you on the 19th!
TS: Could Robert please answer questions above and provide them to us till 27/9/2018? 
RN: Thank you once again for making this interview!
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