As you probably all already know, Shy aka Horizon-Progressive is coming back to Brno. You can meet and hear his set in Exit Club on 13th April. And as it’s his second time to be here in Brno, we took the opportunity to make interview with him.

Ts crew: Hello Shy, how are you man? How did you enjoy last summer? 

Shy: Ahoj guys! I’m doing very well as I’ve just finished a new track right before sitting and answer your questions! Last summer was pretty interesting since I had changed my main job, despite the fact I would have enjoyed more going out chilling at the few parks I got around my house.

Ts crew: Recently we saw on your fb profile picture of you holding a vinyl with your logo and track name Luminile Lui Densu. Could you please share with us more details about it?

Shy: Ah ah! Well spotted indeed! It was a very special gift from Giorgia and Joe, my flatmates, for my November birthday! It’s priceless indeed and it will stay unique for ever! Needless to say, Landscapes Music on vinyl was just a dream who turned into reality! Who knows…maybe it could be the beginning of some new Label projects!

Ts crew: At the beginning of March, you released on label Landscapes Music new EP called Hawaii, we have to say that the track Haleakala is our favourite. As we know you are naming your tracks according to interesting places or locations, why you used Hawaii? 

Shy: Funny thing about that EP is that it was born in early November, but I could never finish it until end of January. Thank you so much for your nice feedback about Haleakala, that was the first of the three tracks featured in the EP, that I was able to finish in late November. As usual, it all started with some images or a nice documentary in middle of the night: it took only few minutes then to imagine what kind of music I would have loved to hear in the background of such beautiful landscapes and, therefore, drafting a few melodies in my mind. Few hours later, those melodies have been layered down into Cubase and that’s how Haleakala (and the whole EP) was born! With the new track just finished, the journey will start back from the American archipelago to….take a guess!.

Ts crew: When we are talking about your label, how is it going? Do you have any hidden gems, that will be released soon? And what are your plans for 2018? 

Shy: Landscapes Music is what I’m currently most proud of, as it was born with the sole aim of mirroring my music philosophy and, hopefully, introduce something slightly different than usual labels. I’d love taking this opportunity to thank again the wonderful team at Proton Music, who helped me out with the Label and is still a solid point of reference. One of the label main principle is to just release what I like, without any need of planning thousands of releases per month or year, like it normally happens in both Trance and Progressive scene. As a result, it’s not a surprise that I’ve recently announced the 12th release, the Hawaii EP, since its launch and have only other two new releases by two fresh new producers in the Progressive scene, scheduled for the next months. 2018 must see my label growing within the Progressive scene mainly, by catching the attention of those who still don’t know it yet; once you’ll discover the meaning of the maze, you will automatically start getting to know myself.

As usual, it all started with some images or a nice documentary in middle of the night: it took only few minutes then to imagine what kind of music I would have loved to hear in the background of such beautiful landscapes…

Ts crew: You are coming on 13th April back to Brno. Do you remember your first gig here? Any memories for the crowd or city? We remember that you fall in love with czech cuisine. 

Shy: Oh well I’ve got more than just a simple memory! I loved everything, despite I was ill on my way to Brno from London. My debut gig though was great, in a beautiful venue such as Perpetuum club, which perfectly described the Underground concept for me. I also remember that Brno was under the snow in late January; therefore, I could only enjoy it partially but it was still quite interesting city (probably thanks to the special Tour guide I had! 😛 ) and I am surely interested in taking a look at it in mid Spring time. Svíčková…mmm..that was delicious, hey! I wouldn’t mind having another try but I’m always keen on discovering new special meals or places to go for a chat or sightseeing.

Ts crew: Last time, we’ve learned, that you are multilingual person and we still remember your promise to order food in local restaurant in czech language next time, so what about your level of czech language and how many languages do you speak currently. 

Shy: It’s not a secret how much I love foreign languages, geography and anything related to travelling. I’ll do my best to honour my promise of course, but I must admit my Czech knowledge base, as of now, wouldn’t help me even to introduce myself lol. I will make it instead, if I will meet someone there who speaks Italian, English, German, Spanish or French though! So, prepare your vocabularies so that I can improve Czech much more!

Ts crew: It’s not a secret that you are a huge football fan! What’s your favorite club, are you interested also into other football leagues except UK? For example Czech one? Do you know any czech football player? 

Shy: My family and I have always been A.C. Milan supporters, through thick and thin. However, I’d also like to remark the fact that I love football as a sport first, therefore I love watching it no matter the League. From the national teams to the clubs, I like football because I watch it more as a coach rather than just a fan. I find it a very intelligent and clever sport, if you become a tactic expert rather than considering “a sport where people kick a ball”.

I obviously know the Czech league, despite not having the chance to watch regularly its games. Sparta and Slavia Prague, along with Viktoria Plzen, Sigma Olomouc and Teplice are, for different reasons, the teams that I know the most, but I know Brno has their own team, Zbrojovka (yes, I had to Google it for the correct spelling lol).

Ts crew: In April you will be playing on the same stage with Daniel Kandi, do you know each other? If so could you share with us some details about him? Or what would be your advice to Daniel as it will be his debut in Brno. 

Shy: Ehehe yes, I had the chance to meet Daniel quite a few times in different festivals and venues before having the chance to have him also in my home, as guest! He surely is a genuine guy like you rarely may find in the current Trance scene and it will be great to see him again. Oh, don’t even try to challenge him at pool, he’s gonna kick your ass!

To be fair, he’s the one that should give me advices on how to best perform in a crowded stage, knowing his long-time background but hey, I’m more than happy to tell him to bring his best music weapons at the Club cause Brno clubbers are some real true Music lovers! No compromises needed!

Ts crew: Your last gig in Brno was in club Perpetuum, where you smashed the crowd with great dark&deep progressive trance. Do you plan to prepare something special also for your April gig in Exit club?

Shy: 2017 gig was great, indeed! Still remember the great moments I’ve lived through while at the decks and also when you guys gave me the lovely Trancesated white T Shirt as a gift, which I obviously still have it with me!

I’ve just finished a new track indeed and I will play it exclusively at the Exit club on April 13th as a worldwide preview. I cannot wait to test it there for the first time ever to check people reaction. As I’m gonna play before DK, the underground progressive Darkness I’m used to play will join for once the Light of the Progressive classics to build an epic and unique experience to those who will be coming. If you feel unsure, then better coming as you’re going to miss an epic party! If you’re sure already to come instead, then try to persuade the unsure ones….as you may be one of the very few lucky ones winning some freebies!


Meet and greet Shy on next Trancesated party

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