Daniel Kandi, the popular DK trance DJ, is coming to Brno. He will have a gig in Exit Club on Friday 13th April. And because it’s Daniel’s first trip to Brno, we took this opportunity and gave him several question.

Trancesated crew: You started your production career under nick Dj Mendoza, I suppose that was in year 2000. Do you remember the moment, when you decided to be a Dj? Could you also describe us what are the big difference for you to producing music in 2000 and nowadays?

Daniel Kandi: Ahhh the dreaded mendoza name haha 😀 It’s my dads name, as hes peruvian and therefore spanish roots, and I think it was a pride thing at first. But obviously on print today it seems quite cheesy. So namewise I had to change. In terms of difference from then to now, there isn’t much changed gearwise. I still dont have hardware synths and I do my tunes on a laptop with good monitors. But my skills have ofcourse improved. That must be the biggest difference tbh. I started on Playstation1 with Music 2000 program and went on from there!

TS: I read on web, that you released your first track as Aurelius called Sorrow. When was the last time that you listened to the track? What do think about it now?

DK: Just relistened. And honestly im proud of it, even though it IS a massive imitation of the Above&Beyond’s old sound. If it wasnt for this track, most of my career wouldn’t be here today. Imitating the Anjunasound, ment, if i got that sound anywhere near as good as current anjuna releases, I could learn from this and then drive forward in future productions. Worked out well. Surprised how well it holds up despite the bad mastering.

I’d like to b2b with Tyas. He’s as diverse in his taste as anyone. And I think we could play an interesting set really.

TS: You’ve produced many great tracks, can you pickup one of your favourite and tell us why you choose it?

DK: Impossible to pick one. Pandora Remix is epic to this day. It just holds so much emotion. Symphonica too. Deep Psychosis Remix. What Happens When We End, because the emotion is a throwback to those days. Make Me Believe, Breathe, Child, you see… One??? impossible 🙂

TS: Name Daniel Kandi is well known in Trance community world wide, What you take as your biggest success?

DK: Again too many good things have happened. I dont wanna forget any of them, so I will just say im grateful that my music, has brought me all around the world and enabled me to find favorite cities that I love returning to. Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne especially.

TS:Could you share with us what you are currently working on? What are your plans for the rest of year 2018?

DK: Much more tunes. More different labels. Excited to show you what I have in store! PLUS of course 3Hour Anjuna&Tatw Experience Set at Lumi2018 will be amazing.

TS: Who is your music idol? If you will have chance to pickup one name for B2B set, who would it be?

DK: I’d like to b2b with Tyas. He’s as diverse in his taste as anyone. And I think we could play an interesting set really.

TS: What is the last Trance track that you heard and you like?

DK: LOVE* … NOT like, but truely LOVE… Is a new one from Gerome who is getting it out on Always Alive Rec. asap! It’s so beautiful!

TS: We found on the internet information that you are excellent snooker player. Do you still play snooker nowadays?

DK: Yes! Winning alot of tournaments still. 2nd place in The Nordic Snooker Championships 2018 and winning most of the danish tournaments at the moment. Trying to also qualify for the Pro Tour this May! Wish me luck!

TS: You will be headlining our Trancesated event in April. And As far As I know it will be your debut in this city. Can we expect something special from you?

DK: Correct. Played other cities before but Brno is a first for me. I have so much great new music in store honestly. So be excited! New mashups, new remixes, new originals and NEW Always Alive Material!


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