Když jsme s klukama přemýšleli jak by měla vypadat další edice Trancesated #6 málo kdo si tehdy dokázal představit, že se nám podaří do Brna přilákat takovou hvězdu jako je pro nás Temple One. Vlastně už jeho track, po kterém je pojmenovaná nejnovější trancesated párty Together we escape mluví za vše. Při té příležitosti jsme trochu vyzpovídali Temple One, rozhovor v českém jazyce je k dispozici na portále rave.cz a v původním znění je k dispozici níže.


Trancesated crew: How did you enjoy the summer? Did you have a lot of work during this time period?

Temple One: I had a great summer thank you, Was filled with some memorable gigs and debuts in places like Bangkok, New York and of course Luminosity in NL. Summer is usually a quiet time studio wise so I’ll use this period to draw up inspiration, write ideas down and prepare for the months ahead.

Trancesated crew: What are you currently working on? Can we expect new release or your tour soon?

I recently just finished a new production for FSOE which I´m really excited about. That label has gone from strength to strength so its always a pleasure having the opportunity to release there.

Trancesated crew: How does the Trance scene look like in the UK at the moment?

Trance in the UK has declined a lot in recent years but it still has a dedicated and passionate following. If you look at events such as Digital Society, Trance Sanctuary and more recently Gatecrasher they have proved there is still a demand for Trance music. Its just a lot more underground now.

Trancesated crew: Is there anybody that you would like to play b2b set and with whom you would like to meet on stage?

Tough question! Ive actually had the pleasure of meeting a lot DJ’s I've looked up to over the years. I guess a classics set alongside Tiesto would be a great experience.

Trancesated crew: What is you dj dream?

I would love to do a chill out set at Cafe del mar in Ibiza whilst watching the sun go down followed by a full on Trance set at amnesia. Lovely!

Trancesated crew: Do you remember your first gig? Where was it and on what gear you played on?

I was quite fortunate actually, My first proper gig ever was at Digital Society in Leeds back in 2009. I had the pleasure of playing alongside guys like Lange and Matt Hardwick – DJ’s Id grew up listening to, Was a very surreal experience and one i’ll never forget! I believe the setup was Pioneer CDJ-1000 Mk3 and DJM 800.

Trancesated crew: What is your favorite Trance track at the moment?

Im still loving Super8 & Tab’s ‘Into’ A simple yet effective melody driven by rocking beats and intricate touches. This one really hits hard in the club!

Trancesated crew: What are your plans for future?

I want to focus more on my own productions – I took a lot of time off that side of things to work with Freshly Squeezed Samples but as of now my sole focus will be the music.

Trancesated crew: As you are playing soon in Czech Republic, did you have any chance to visit this country or it is your first gig here?

This will be my second time, I played in Czech Republic back in 2009 alongside Daniel Kandi which was a lot of fun! Hard to believe its been that long! Really looking forward to coming back.

Trancesated crew: Do you have something special prepared for your gig in Brno on 18th November?

Lots of new music and a lot of love and passion for Trance!