Máme 8 dní do akce, kdy opět společně v Eleven clubu vystoupáme do trancové letové hladiny, kde nás jako co-pilot provede Daniel Skyver. Než si v pátek 18. listopadu stoupneme na značky, přinášíme Vám s Danielem rozhovor! Česká verze je k dispozici na rave.cz a ta anglická, tak tu si můžete přečíst níže.


TS crew: Hello Daniel, how did you enjoy the summer? Did you have a lot of work during this time period?

Daniel: The Summer has been great for me thanks! Things have suddenly become very busy for me with gigs. Hghlights have been a 3 hour set in Buenos Aires, Argentina, playing for Luminosity, Grotesque, Quest4Trance & TranceVision in Holland, making my debut in Madrid, Spain and closing the main room of The Gallery @ Ministry of Sound in London.

TS crew: What are you currently working on? Can we expect new release or your tour soon?
Daniel: I’m working on a couple of original tracks at the moment and upcoming releases wise I have a techy, twisted one coming on Mental Asylum and a very uplifting track coming on Grotesque. I am also working on a compilation, more news on that one soon 🙂

TS crew: How does the Trance scene look like in the UK at the moment?
Daniel: I think in terms of the DJ’s and producers the trance scene has never been better in the UK. There is just so much talent here making some amazing music! Unfortunately the club scene generally in this country is still declining with venues closing all the time and it’s very hard for promoters. There are still some well known trance promoters doing well but new nights just don’t seem to be able to get going in my opinion which is a shame and makes me a little concerned for the future of trance nights in this country.

TS crew: Is there anybody that you would like to play b2b set and with whom you would like to meet on stage?
Daniel: I must be honest, I don’t really like playing b2b. I’m often only booked to play an hour and if you play an hour b2b then you don’t really get to play many tracks and it’s hard to get into the rhythm of the set, you can’t get a good flow going if you know what i mean? That said, if I got asked to play at a massive event i would be happy to play any amount of time with anybody haha!

TS crew: What is you dj dream? 

Daniel: My dream is to one day be able to make my living from music and quit the day job. Whether it will happen or not who knows but i think it’s getting harder and harder to achieve.

TS crew: Do you remember your first gig? Where was it and on what gear you played on? 
Daniel: I don’t remember my first gig at all actually. It was when i was a teenager playing house/techno quite a few years ago and it was definitely on turntables, there were no CDJ’s when i started. I remember my first trance gig which was only 3 or 4 years ago and there was nobody there haha!

TS crew: What is your favorite Trance track at the moment?
Daniel: That is a hard question to answer but i am going to say my favourite trance track as i write this is – The Space Brothers & Mark Sherry – Let it Come (Darren Porter remix) – Outburst.

TS crew: What are your plans for future? 
Daniel: Well I’ve just ordered a new studio computer so my plan is quite simple, to keep learning and hopefully make some good trance tracks. I also really want to tour parts of the world I’ve not been to yet like USA and Australia and believe there may well be something happening there in 2017.

TS crew: As you are playing soon in Czech Republic, did you have any chance to visit this country or it is your first gig here?
Daniel: This is my first time ever in Czech Republic and can’t wait! 😊

TS crew: Do you have something special prepared for your gig in Brno on 18th November?
Daniel: I always try to keep my sets unique for each gig i play and i will be working hard to make sure that happens for the Brno clubbers on November 18th!